Does the idea of Making Money Online sound like a lot of boring ‘geeky’ work?   Is the prospect of hours staring at a computer screen make you cross eyed just thinking about it?


Well there are cool ways to make money on the Internet that are quick and breezy and fun! Why not make cash without all of the bother of creating a time consuming monster of a business…..


Hey my friend I have 7.7 ways to make money in your spare time while kicked back watching Ellen on TV or ‘reruns’ of your favorite Football game……


1 – The Twitter Twist –

Create twitter account(s) tightly focused on one niche or sub niche.  A niche like Football for instance, or even drill down to a particular Football team (ie Dallas Cowboys). Now tweet daily about that niche, just have fun with the tweets, get controversial, go crazy….

Soon you will have a large following…. Point those followers from time to time to an cool product, or service that you are an affiliate for, like a  product  from Amazon like a  jazzy football team jersey or Ebay football product or memorabilia ….easy peasy money….

Oh and  you can get tons of followers just by doing a twitter search on people tweeting about your chosen niche and then following them….they will follow you back….!


2 – You tube star –

Similar to the Twitter Twist, but on YouTube.

The beauty of this is that once you start your YouTube channel you can get views just by making your ‘favorites’ the YouTubers who already have a great following…. Then also of course comment on the videos of the YouTubers that you just ‘favorited’ ….

Just remember to be controversial but not too much of a pain in the butt….. you also don’t have to be in front of the camera – just go over to Fiverr and hire someone to read your script….cute girls work real well for this….


3 -ReSeller Consultant –

Sometimes call ‘Arbitrage’ just to sound fancy…. In the ‘brick and mortar’ world they are also known as General Contractors, you know, the guys who hire ‘sub-contractors’……

You put together small gigs to provide complete service that you can charge ‘big bucks’ for and at the same time be a hero to someone or some business that realy needs your help….

i.e. a complete professional website can be built for a business by putting together a few smaller gigs like – logo design, plus web page design, plus content and article writing for a complete package delivery to YOUR customer of a turnkey website ready to go…

What’s your cost….well,  a few ‘gigs’ that you paid 40 bucks for that you can package all together, thus adding value, and charge $99 – you will still be giving your customer a very good deal…..



You know – I have seen any one of the above ideas made into a complete ebook or ‘course’ and charge $17 – $27 or more for….

No I didn’t hold your hand and go step by step on how to do these ideas..but…

you got the basics just mix with a little imagination an go with it…. But by all means Just Do it…

Take action NOW…!


Part 2 to follow….



Leave comments below…. Or ask questions, I will answer all questions…