3 – Make Money on your Cell Phone

Why not make money with your one totally indispensible electronic device… your Cell Phone..!   Lets face it folks it’s the only thing that we will not do without, we will not leave hone without it….

Hey lets take a look at some cool, easy ways to make money on your cell phone, in your spare time….

–The Bookscouter app is too cool.   This app lets you make money from books that you have sitting around the house. Bookscouter compares the price that a bunch of different companies will pay you for your books…

— Swagbucks app will pay you to search the web!   The app will let you earn reward point that you can redeem for gift cards that you can spend as you like. Do fund things like mobile searches, or daily polls or watching vides or even playing games to earn your Swagbucks…so go get your ‘Swag” on…!


–i-SayMobile app – This is reported to be one of the only ‘real’ paid survey app on the web…. Take surveys on your cell phone so you can make money that’s paid directly to your PayPal or gift cards to big time companies like Amazon and iTunes and more….. easy money


–How about getting paid just to TRY new apps…. Hard to believe but head on over to

http://featurepoints.com/web/ …..FeaturePoints will pay you to do just that…



4 – Website Makeovers vs Site Flipping

Its up for debate which is the best way to go…..is it better to buy an existing domain that has some traffic and possibly some income, then you give the site a quick makeover of the layout some sprucing up od the content. Tbis will increase the site stats so that its worth more on the open market….you can sell for a quick profit ..!


Is it better to keep the new and improved site…. Nurture it with some link building love….some social bookmarking ‘street cred’, some YouTube visibility to really ramp up the cash flow….Now this is site is transformed into something that you will want to keep for the long term stable cash flow…..


Some places that you can find eligible site are:


GoDaddy Auctions





5 – Cask Flow just for Writing articles

I you don’t even want to have your own site. If you don’t want o worry about SEO and driving traffic to a affiliate link…..heck you are even too lazy to sig you to be an affiliate…… but you still want o make some bucks…. Then this is for you….


Sig up and start writing for ‘revenue sharing sites’…. You write cool articles about stuff that interests you….they will post on their sites that already have hordes of traffic and share any AdSense revenue that your articles generates….


The best revenue sharing sites are:

– Hubpages

– Squidoo


You can write as many article as you like to submit to these sites….

There are folks making a full time living with these sites…..I’m talking $2000 to $5000 per month..!

Why not you…


Well were not finished with our list yet…..

The best is yet to come…..Part 3 on the way………