What is the only way to make money online automatically ?   How can you make money while you sleep?   Is the money really ‘in the list’?   Is email marketing dead?


What is the common theme in all of these questions? What is the most important tool to make automatic cash happen? How do you build your very own on line ATM that spits out cash while you sleep……24 hours a day….7 days a week….365 days a year….?

  • –This tool is needed if your business in on-line or off-line
  • –Every major on-line business uses this tool constantly
  • –Every Guru depends on this little work horse to rake in the cash
  • –Every super affiliate uses this to instantly vault to the top of the sales charts for all the new product roll outs
  • –The one indispensible tool everyone needs is the Auto-responder


If you don’t use an Autoresponder you are leaving cash on the table because your not building a list. Your visitors are leaving your web page or blog without giving you a way to get back in contact with them.

It typically takes people several times seeing a sales message before they buy you product or service.

Your visitors may leave your site and never come back or just plain forget about you website. If only there was a way to let them know about your next super interesting blog post…ahh, there is a way, its called an Autoresponder.


Like I said… from Amazon.com to Walmart to all the big time blogs like WarriorForum.com the sometimes Autoresponder is the engine that keeps their business going….that keeps you in contact with your customers.

So don’t underestimate the power of the Autoresponder. I am here to tell you ‘don’t leave home with out it’!

It is the glue that holds your ‘sale funnel’ together and ,of course, anchors your landing page or squeeze page.


Some simple advice that will make you money, starting today:

  1. Get a great Autoresponder today
  2. Put an ‘offer box’ on your blog or site immediately; offering a free report of newsletter to all you visitors who sign up for your list
  3. Follow up periodically (1 -3 times a week) with valuable ‘stuff’(like info or more free products) or just to say “hello I just made a new blog post and its “sooo cool!”
  4. Every once in a while offer your new friends on your list a product that you are an affiliate for….along ,of course, with a nice detailed review of benefits of the product to your new friend
  5. You might even offer a bonus with the product that makes the product even better – this will separate you from the crowd and show that you really do ‘over deliver’…


I cannot over emphasize the importance of this simple little tool…

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Well if you now know that you have to use an Autoresponder why not use one that pays you..


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