The Slow Driver that Inspired Me!

In a rush driving to lunch and wouldn’t you know it, right in front of me blocking my single lane is, just my luck, the slowest driver in the world….Why now, get out the way…!    Man, just my luck, not now…..what’s your problem dude…!

Then suddenly I realized that I am over reacting… Why am I really in a rush, it’s not a lunch emergency…..

I am not using my ‘training’, not Relaxing, not Breathing, not circulating my Chi…not One with the Tao…

And why really..?

I know better……Don’t stress the situation, Flow with the World….

The Tao lets us be One with the Situation….once we allow the ourselves to relax then we…..breathe deeply, slowly….

Then everything looks better and gets better….

Love yourself, love the world, love ur market, love your Niche….

When you talk the talk and walk the walk then your genuine passion for your chosen market, hobby, profession, sport, pet, and or life come through….

All at once you and everyone becomes One with the ‘Flow’, One with the Wave, one with the Ball, your pace is Effortless……

It’s like….

Love of the Game…

luv of the game


Then like in the ‘Karate Kid’ and all the great movies, the hero(you) learns to become One with ‘The Force’ and thus, as with other enlightened entrepreneurs, one with the Customer….

In this state, you know and live your specialty/niche/sport to the point where…..

In fact, you become synonymous with your market….

In this “Flow” the customer happily, willingly helps to builds your biz and your ‘Brand’….


wax on wax off


The money is secondary… longer the ‘main’ point… but the money will come….

You won’t have to build phony links, because those folks that  really ‘feel’ you will automatically link to you, your profile, your article, your mailing list…..

Because of your Obsession with your Niche, you naturally will:

  1. Write Epic Content that Exudes with Passion
  2. Contribute in helpful, insightful ways on Forums
  3. Have the Coolest most shareable  Tweets about your Hobby
  4. Make the best/coolest/most informative/funniest Videos of the latest breakthrough in your Game

Your ‘Cause’ will Magnetically attract the right Folks and Organizations…

There is a saying that ‘Everything is Marketing’…… Especially when you are Real in your Love and Joy of your ‘Thing’…..

the force is strong


You won’t have to ‘sweet talk’ Google into recognizing you…..your passion, your works will naturally be excellent SEO…

That’s because you are giving your Market(people/fans) the Right Answers and the Real Vision of your Niche….

  • You will have SEO, Keyworks, Long Tail, Latent…..yada, yada, yada…..
  • Content Marketing will become effortless

You will Personify SEO to SXO experience…..


As I was having this  Ahh – Ha!  moment, I had a flashback to this article by Mark Munroe‘From SEO to SXO’

Great info that you need to know and use, but by being in the state of ‘One with your Niche’ it becomes easier to implement…..


So my friend as you are Living Your Joy and Sharing Your Joy with the world, you and your friends(customers?) will find that all your efforts/fun are symbiotic……


Your content will go Viral and that will help your Natural (Organic) Traffic

Hey, that Rand Fish guy is onto something in his recent “White Board Friday” article on – The Linkbait Bump’

His insightful article is an inspiration to those of us who realize that knowing/loving your market leads to providing value(content, product, service) that flows to truly  relating to and identifying with Customers, Influencers, ‘Competitors’ and that natural Symbiotic Social Luv and dare I say…… Google ‘attaboy’……..

link bait


So I finally really relaxed and enjoyed the ride to lunch…. Got to Chipotle five minutes later than I wanted, but I felt 100 times better because I was forced to Slow Down and Smell the Roses…!

stop and smell the roses

You Are The POWER>>>!