Let’s pull back the curtains of a couple dozen successful bloggers, sit them down in their home offices and grill them on the ‘real deal’ of how they make the big bucks online….

No BS, just the facts on how to squeeze fun and money out of the Internet.

Looking at a what these 26 Bxpert Bloggers are doing to monetize their blogs is a great starting point for your efforts to start or invigorate you’re your website…

The best way too make money online is to copy what the successful entrepreneurs are doing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to internet income. Do what the Gurus are actually doing not what they ‘say’ they are doing….

When I look at how these guys are kicking it…. Boy do I get jealous….!

I mean living where you want, when you want, doing the things that you really want to do and at the same time raking in the big bucks….


Imagine traveling the world and making money at the same time and ditching the office/cubicle…..

These expert Bloggers show us that there are many ways to get your lap top to be your personal ATM:

• Affiliate Marketing

• Your own service(i.e. Freelancing)

• Your own product
• Helping Offline small business get Online
• Adsense on your site/blog
• Link from your Blogs to your Niche sites
• Promote your Crafts
• Sell banner advertising space on your Blog
• Direct Product Selling on your Blog
• Promote your Coaching/Consulting on your Blog

The theme that constantly comes through loud and clear is these guys are having FUN and making cash…..they really enjoy what they are doing…..

Hey, that’s good work if you can get it……

‘It’s a tuff job but somebody’s gotta do it’…ha..!

But seriously talk about what you already know, talk about what you like – love – have enthusiasm for….

What you would read and talk about even if there were no money involved…..

Now that’s What’s Happening…..

Add in Consistency……
Sprinkle in in some Love by providing more that expected, more value than the other guy…..

And the money will follow……

(Source: Extra-Pay Check)