1 – Know your Video Marketing Goal(s)

Have clear goals for each video. Whatever it is, use laser focus to efficiently use your available resources and develop a concise message. Your goals could be:

– List building

– Brand awareness

– Educational

– Building anticipation for a product launch

– ,Directing viewers to a blog

2 – Set your Video Marketing Budget

Paid traffic or free traffic?  Remember that ‘free’ traffic is not really free. Are traffic costs lots of time and time is money.  What’s your budget and anticipated Return on Investment(ROI)?  Always have a set marketing target in mind before you start any campaign. And stick to it….

3 – Know your Target Audience for the Video

You should already know who is your target audience. If not take the time to build a profile of your primary and secondary customers. What do they want, need and enjoy.  What causes them pain and how can you ‘fix’ their issues.

You must know and relate to your ‘perfect’ customer. This will help you to tailor your message effectively.


4 – Make an Engaging Story that Entertains and Evokes Emotions

Entertain, engage, tell a story but by all means really relate to your target audience. Make a big impression on you viewers mind. Make them laugh or make them cry but don make them yawn……

5 – Make your Video Short and Hot

Everyone these days has a short attention span, that’s a given. Your videos must be short, more or less one minute long. In that 60 seconds grab their attention, tell your story and lead them to your desired action(a sign up, go to your site or come back for more info, etc).

6 – Build Videos with the ‘Click’ in Mind

Make sure your videos gets the ‘click’. Create titles for your videos that are outlandish enough to make your audience have to take notice and click on the video.

Pick a thumbnail for your video that demands attention and also grabs the ‘click’.

7 – Optimize for the Search Engines

Keep things simple in your initial campaigns but make sure to do basic Search Engine Optimization(SEO).  Have a SEO blueprint that includes relevant keywords. Of course also add relevant tags to your videos.   Place as much info into the video description as possible. The basics would be:

-contact info

-special offers


8 – Post your Videos on Multiple Media Platforms

Take the time to post your video on your website, but also post the video to other sites like:

9 – Measure your results

If you don’t carefully measure your videos’ vital signs (detailed analytics) then you can’t figure out what content, offers, locations even titles are most productive for your video marketing goals. The basics that you must measure are:

-Your demographics

-Video views

-Avg time video viewed

-Traffic sources

-10 second views

-Sound on

-Sound off

-Clicked YouTube Cards

-Clicked Annotations

10 – Review, Refresh, Regurgitate

Review what works……

Scale up if ROI is good…..

Refresh what works for different audiences/customer segments….

Regurgitate across platforms, media…….

That sounds messy but sure paints a picture that’s hard to forget…..!


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